What does Java Joe’s look for in a franchisee?

An organized, passionate, business focused leader and communicator is what a successful Java Joe’s candidate embodies. Food service industry experience is NOT mandatory but experience in business and fundamental understanding of business principals is a must.

Does Java Joe’s have financial requirements?

We expect our Franchise Candidates to be in good financial order and have the ability to invest in their business. We will confidentially review your personal financial information and some candidates will be asked to submit to a credit analysis. We DO NOT offer financing internally but would be happy to recommend a Financial Institution if needed.

What are the costs involved with becoming a Franchisee?

Your franchise will be a turn-key investment, meaning, all costs associated with building and equipping the franchise will be included in the final investment sum. The turn key investment can range from 100k – 300k, depending on the size and scope of the location. The turn key price also includes your initial, one time Franchise Fee of 35k. The size of location can vary from a 200 sq.ft. Kiosk up to a 2500 sq.ft. Full fledge Java Joe`s location. Typically an average build of 1500-1800sq.ft. location will cost approximately $185,000 turn key. The royalties are 6% plus 1%. The 6% is your straight royalty from monthly sales and the 1% is contribution to the advertising fund, also a percentage of your monthly sales. Royalties are invoiced and paid monthly.

Does Java Joe's award Master Franchise/Area or Regional Franchise Rights?

Yes. Currently, Java Joe's is accepting proposals for Master Franchise rights in Western Canada, The Maritimes, Quebec as well as internationally. Please contact our head office to inquire as Java Joe's is poised for global growth with the right partner.

What is my first step?

Your first step is to fill out the online request form on our website. Java Joe’s will follow up with a phone call to discuss any questions you may have and how Java Joe’s may or may not be the right fit for you, The following steps are listed below!

Simple 5 step Process!

Step #1

Initial meeting - Providing of Franchise Application,(can be printed out from our website)


Completed Franchise application submitted to Java Joe`s & Initial location search meeting held


Location search & assessment with preferred sites highlighted to franchise candidate Providing of Franchise disclosure document


Location selected & offer to lease drafted, Franchise disclosure document returned with deposit Offer to Franchise document supplied to Franchise candidate with Franchise agreement


Offer to Franchise & Franchise agreement signed & returned to Java Joe`s Remainder of deposit submitted

We look forward to meeting you and discussing things further over a cup of Joe!

Please contact Alex Kiriakopoulos to arrange a meeting, or to discuss any questions you may have.